Washington D.C. – Transit Layer Overlay

This is a simple and easy to read map.

A location, Mt. Vernon Square, is shown with a transparent radius around it; I was going for a feel similar to Airbnb-style location mapping. Also, some other basic features have been modified to give the map a more colorful tone; the transit map has been preloaded to visualize transit routes to this location and the default background-style of the map has been modified to give the roads a lighter color. The transit layer seems to be my favorite feature here, probably something about the colors you wouldn’t normally see otherwise.

Unfortunately, this isn’t able to replicated Airbnb entirely; I could not find a easy to implement neighborhood boundary. I think the problem is that there’s no absolute boundary for neighborhoods and thus the upkeep required to adjust a data set with these boundaries would be too large to keep current. One possible workaround would be to use the Complex Polygon feature in the Google Map API v3 documentation; however this may be time intensive to accurately gather the necessary GPS points to map an area.

If a client or business wanted to implement a Airbnb-style custom map, this would provide some justification to implement the Complex Polygon feature (and thus some research into proper neighborhood boundaries). This would be a nice way to further style this simple map of Washington D.C.

Some other ways to enhance this map may be to allow a feature for a user to pin a location and to provide transit vs. car (vs. uber..) directions, as well as a cost comparison.


All of this mention of Airbnb warrants a link! Here it is: https://www.airbnb.com/


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