National Parks of the USA

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I’ve been more interested in learning about the ability to customize maps in JavaScript, this map demonstrates some back-end workarounds to achieve a beautiful map. The radius of the circle represents the size of the national park in square miles; the largest parks are in Alaska! However, Death Valley and Yellowstone seem to be the largest in the lower 48 states.

I mainly use For loops to iterate through the data (placing markers, placing circles, and pushing data from the array into the HTML infowindows), which seems to be an efficient way to do it. Also, this map should be responsive for mobile screens as well.

If you zoom in, you’ll quickly notice that National Forests aren’t included, this is because Forests and Parks offer various protections to wildlife; off the top of my head, I remember reading that hunting isn’t allowed in parks whereas forests can sometimes allow hunting. Also another thing to note is that dogs aren’t always allowed at national parks either. So, while on the surface parks and forests don’t seem too far apart, there’s just some intricacies that differentiate the two.

UPDATE: A Heatmap has been created for comparison to the original map. The map helps show where national parks are clustered; this allows a user to identify regions that has multiple national parks close by.

More information on Parks vs. Forests can be found here:

This map utilizes a CSV file converted into a JavaScript Array:

A further implementation may include transferring the data set to a mySQL database. Or if a data file is publicly available, a simple reading in of National Forest information (using a different color transparent circle) may provide some interesting contrast to this map.

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