Border Crossings – Mexico to USA

Some statistics are displayed in the GeoChart and help show the ‘number of people’ traveling into the USA in 2014.

The Southwestern corner of California shows San Ysidro (#1) and Otay Mesa (#3) as a hot spot for northward travel. Also noteworthy is El Paso, Texas (#2) which is the largest area for immigration/travelers in Texas.

Heatmap - Border Crossing

This  map represents the border crossing points for passenger vehicles along the USA-Mexico border. A Heatmap plots ‘where’ the border crossings are located by GPS coordinates.

This is not an all-comprehensive list of border crossings; since there are also ports, truck, and train border crossings. However, I see passenger vehicles as a simple metric to help visualize how many people are coming through, legally, and where the established border crossings are along the border.


Note: The JavaScript has been compressed with Google’s Closure Compiler Service, decreasing the code size about 15%. Hopefully this helps with load times.

Data for port entry locations/addresses:
Data points for border crossing:

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