Energy Star Certified Buildings – Top Cities 2015

This is a Google GeoChart to demonstrate which cities have the largest amount of certified buildings. The cities with the largest number of Energy Star Certified buildings include Washington D.C. (#1), Los Angeles (#2), and Atlanta (#3). This GeoChart, created using Google Charts, is able to effectively use a gradient to show the cities on this Top 25 list.

Energy Star, Top Cities 2015

This  Google map has been customized to display a JavaScript array; this client-side rendered map is able to project the densities of Energy Star’s Top 25 list. More efficient buildings allows for a greater concentration of people in one area, such as the metropolitan areas on this map. Overall, this map’s scheme is able to iterate through the array to place info windows and place circles (with a radius based on the number of Energy Star Certified buildings for each GPS point).

A further implementation of this post could be to add more non-geospatial graphics to visualize the cities and their relative populations.


Note: The images have been compressed using TinyPNG and the JavaScript has been compiled using Google’s Closure Compiler service, this should decrease loading page times on mobile browsers.

Here is where I got the data for these visuals:


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