Top 30 Airport Enplanements – USA 2013

USA Airport Enplanements, 2013

This is a map of the top airport enplanements in 2013 for the United States. Numbers shown in the infowindows represent the total number of people boarding planes in each location. These top 30 are the largest hubs of airline traffic; each of these airports represents at least one percent of total U.S. passenger enplanements.

Airports attracting more traffic is an interesting metric to look at; as more people go to these airports there will be an increasing market for local transportation. Most people would like to avoid paying for airport parking..alternatives for local transportation may become more relevant; as ridesharing companies like Uber or Lyft continue to gain marketshare, a analysis of the busiest airports would be fruitful for these companies to pay attention to. Also, looking at the public transit infrastructure in the cities may be a another way to gauge how people can economically travel to airports.

The map itself has a dark minimalist background to better convey the data; the markers themselves are draggable to better sort out the areas that overlap. Another thing to note, is that this map is responsive and will automatically zoom according to the parameters of the GPS data. The following bubble chart is probably better optimized for desktops; it may appear very clustered on a smaller-mobile screen.

This chart compares which airports are seeing the largest increase in enplanements between the calendar years 2012-2013.  As you can see, most of the airports are seeing an increase in traffic!

UPDATE: I have created a Map/Chart/Table to view this data in a different form, the data is loaded from a Google Spreadsheet this time. GeoAndTableScreen

Here is where I got the dataset for this map:


I’ve read that the data for 2014 airport traffic will be available in June 2015, so hopefully I’ll be able to create an additional map for comparison.

Further implementations:
-Seeing as this is my first post with Google Charts, I’m interested learning more about adding animations to data, maybe to add some functionality
-A heatmap could be created used a larger set of airports to determine the density of airports, especially in metropolitan areas

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