Heatmap of Top 200 Airports – USA 2013

This map represents the top 200 airports in the USA for 2013. These include all airports with at least 100,000 people boarding planes.

The map is able to show the metropolitan areas with multiple airports through a heatmap. This heatmap is compiled using a Javascript array composed of 200 latitude/longitude points. Most of the features of this map can be modified accordingly, so if there were more data points the amount of red/yellow/green could be adjusted to display airport density with either a greater or lesser density.

The heatmap is a great choice for displaying a modern-looking data visualization on a map; one downside to this map template is that it’s not able to display infowindows over areas of high density.


Heatmap of Top Airports


This is my first attempt at compressing JavaScript.

Here’s the data I used:


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