Strava GPS Recording for Cycling Trips

Here’s a few bicycle journeys I’ve taken the past few months, cycling for an extended period of time is relaxing and gives me a fresh look of the North Dallas area.

These are some of my longer rides, often taking up much of my weekend. The recording app, Strava, pings a GPS signal to track biking/hiking trips. Another useful feature of Strava is how it shows elevation changes along different parts of the trail, this mapping app is really neat for data capture. One thing I wish the app could provide would be the raw GPS text, perhaps in XML or JSON, to be used in custom mapping applications.

Soon I’d like to strap a Go Pro to my handlebars and capture some trail/city navigation.

Check out the default Strava embeds from my biking rides:

These Strava layers remind me of a KML data layer for the Google Maps API, this sort of product makes me more interested in GPS recording tools. An Android app that creates .txt or JSON formats of GPS capture would be tremendously useful for custom mapping projects. An app like this could provide real values and might be worth the development costs to obtain custom data sets.

I’d like to capture more biking journeys this year using Strava and maybe try some other GPS recordings apps as well. My training this year has been a fast pace so I’d like to press on more and try to do longer rides, trying to increases distance by 5-15% each time.


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