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Google Maps API Projects – Business Intelligence Automation – Web Design

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$25/hr for projects

Data Aggregator Project:

-Small scale projects include Google Maps API custom map, data  models, or competitive intelligence analysis
-Fully customized digital map and information overlay (background colors, styles, and images)
-Interactive data visuals using modern graphics and responsive design
-Data mining and normalizing large data sets, using business intelligence tools

$35/hr for projects

Enterprise Project:

-Business Intelligence projects for data analysis/automation/quality control
-Bandwidth for data analytics report generation
-Large-scale and detail-rich digital map, with custom markers
-Everything included in the Starter Project

$45/hr for projects

Data Automation Project:

Complete package includes:

-Scripting for data analysis and Business Intelligence automation
-Comprehensive digital mapping project
-Free revisions and content updates
-Everything included in the Enterprise Project


Email for a quick response and estimate for Digital Mapping & Web Design Projects as well as Business Intelligence tools, past clients and employers include:

Xite Realty LLC:,h_65,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/0adc6a_f7d25ee86eeb466d8e402943f1f31987~mv2.png

-Geospatial analyst for internal research

-Database creation and automation scripting

-Analytics for health care industry



-Business Intelligence Engineer Intern

-Data ETL for hospital and healthcare corporations

-Quality assurance testing for analytics dashboards driven by complex queries


TNT Dental:

-SEO Assistant

-Responsive Google Maps embeds

-Entire-site SEO audits & modifications


MCFA Global:

-Large scale Google Maps API project

-Custom infowindows and site implementation


Harris House St. Louis:

-Small scale Google Maps API project

-Information markers to match the style of their renovated website


Digital Mapping – Data Analytics – Web Design

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