‘Pick Your Own’ Farms in Dallas/Ft Worth (North Texas)

Here’s a collection of farms in the Dallas area that have offered pick your own fruit or vegetables during different seasons. Feel free to contact these farmers to find out more about optimal picking times! Often times the growing seasons are long, but the ripening time is only a few weeks.

Choosing small-scale sustainable farms helps reduce the need for large-transportation food distribution efforts, like getting fruits and vegetables for hundreds of miles away. If you are unable to grow any crops and live near one of these farms then it could be a great way to spend an afternoon checking out a local farm.

Pick Your Own - Dallas/Fort Worth

The farms here have been mapped from a pick your own website and the infowindows give the location’s website or contact information. Feel free to comment if any information is incorrect, or if there are any other farms worth checking out.

It’s generally a good idea for metropolitan areas like Dallas to take advantage of these locally grown resources. Transportation costs will make these food items relatively more expensive per unit, but it is fun and rewarding to be picking your own crops.

Future maps could include expanding the outline of the map and including Northeast Texas or Austin area farms. I hope this helps people visualize where local pick your own farms and orchards are located.

Note: I got permission from the site owner to reproduce this list of farmers into a digital map, it makes it easier to find local farms.

If you have another farm to add, please send an email: will[at]mindbodymetrics.com

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