Data Visualization with the Google Maps API ∴ Including Sample Projects

Many projects and custom maps can be created through the Google Maps API, the following list shows map files displaying how diverse the maps service can be.

Directions are the core of Google Maps functionality; however the API is becoming a more complex tool for data scientists to visualize information in novel forms. Take a look at some of the mapping projects I’ve created to better understand digital maps & web design trends:

Want to learn more about customizing Google Maps, check out:

Start Making Better Google Maps Embeds: Find out ways to create detail-rich, custom Google Maps API embeds, learn to improve upon the simple Google Maps embed


Free Tools for Styling Google Maps: Find out the tools you need to style Google Maps to the color tone of you or your client’s website.

MultipleStylesFullPageUberX Rates in Texas Cities: A comparison of rates in Texas cities shows that Dallas has the cheapest rates in the state, multiple charts help show price variation among cities.


Border Crossings for USA-Mexico: A Google Maps heatmap visual is used to show the density of international border crossings. An analysis of border crossing data yields a few interesting maps showing passenger vehicle traffic along the border.

Border Crossing Heat Map

National Parks of the USA: This post takes a look at implementing data using a JavaScript Array, creating Polygon Overlays, customizing Marker Pins, and HTML infowindows displaying lists of data.


Top Passenger Airports of the USA – 2013: A map was made using publicly available air traffic data, this post helps display a dark-styled map and a colorful polygon overlay to show a weighted data visualization across metropolitan areas and their correlative passenger enplanements.


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