Testing Clever Examples of the Uber API

Uber – the $40 billion software company & ridsharing app – created an API to showcase various applications & data visualizations of passenger data. Check out the variety of API uses below:

1. Ubutton:

Create an embeddable Uber icon marker into your site, like the one shown below to hail an Uber to a certain destination; such a project could be useful in a customer’s ‘Contact Us’ page to allow customer’s to visit/shop at a certain local business.

The example below creates a marker to route a passenger to the Dallas Museum of Art in Downtown Dallas, the time until a Uber driver will pick a passenger up is displayed as well as the estimated cost from the Uber’s GPS location:

Take Uber to the Dallas Museum of Art

Ubutton project website: http://ubutton.github.io/

Project Creator:

2. TravelGreen:

Uber helps keep people have relatively lower carbon emissions; however, this application helps people fully offset their carbon footprint by calculating how much of a carbon tax you’d need to buy in order to counter estimated Uber mileage. Login to the web app and you’ll get a estimation of how much you’d need to donate in order to ride uber carbon free.

Estimations of the cost of carbon emissions come from CarbonFund.org.

Here’s a screenshot of my total Uber usage thus far:


TravelGreen project website: http://uberhackathon.challengepost.com/submissions/37080-travelgreen

Project creator:

3. Totals for Uber

This example of the Uber API helps you find out up to data statistics on your riding history – the number of rides, times waited, time spent in car, & total miles are all displayed on this intriguing web app for data junkies.

If you’ve been curious how many miles you’ve spent using Uber, then check this out to get a better idea on how much money you’ve spent using the app:


Totals for Uber project website: https://uber.totals.io/

Project creator: http://about.bryce.se/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bryceadams/

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Utilizing Uber as a alternative mode of transportation is a cost-effective means of short-distance navigation in metropolitan areas. Looking at these examples of the Uber API helps identify a key-demographic of ridesharing software/services.

Ridesharing options are varied in metropolitan areas with bikesharing, carsharing, & ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft, Zipcar, Car2go, & others in metropolitan areas.

-Here’s my post on UberX Rates in Texas Cities
-For more information on Lyft check out Heatmap of Cities Lyft Operates In

Something that’s not available in Uber or Lyft is the ability to add multiple destinations in a single trip. This post’s picture is an example of draggable directions in the Google Maps API, this Maps template will be featured in an upcoming post; it would be a nice feature for ridesharing apps, to be able to add multiple locations at once to make it easier for drivers to navigate.


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All of the hackathon projects can be found here: https://developer.uber.com/showcase/

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