Creating Interactive Diagrams with Google Charts

Google Charts is a popular library for creating tables, charts, and other diagrams to display information sets. Take a look at some examples below and for the documentation, click here

Some of the past projects I’ve done to get started using Google have been to experiment trying out different settings.

GeoChart: Here’s a map to display the prevalence of internet usage among South American countries. This map is easy to implement and can be used to display countries, cities, and metropolitan areas. One reason to use this map, as opposed to the Google Maps API, is to focus solely on a data set rather than geographic features (parks, roads, and other items displayed on a Google Map).

Here is another method of a GeoChart graphic, this uses only the US and showing state borders; the color scheme can be varied as well.

Bubble Chart: My post on the busiest passenger airports showed a map of the airports with the most passenger traffic; however this chart shows two variables, passenger traffic as well as the change in traffic from 2012-2013.

Histogram: This fully-interactive histogram was created using Google Chart’s material chart. You can select the rates by mile/by minute/etc. and the selected option will be highlighted on the map to help you compare rates among Texas cities for UberX fares. The material chart wasn’t too difficult to create on it’s own; this chart is highly effective for displaying histograms.

UberX Rates in Texas Cities

Sankey Diagram: One of the more creative options in the Google Chart’s is the customizable Sankey Diagram. I’ve read that support for this chart might be changed in the future; however, this diagram is able to convey flows of information in an elegant fashion. This example below uses some qualitative terms and shows the possibilities of this awesome tool.

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